S.H.A.R.E - a food program to feed those in need (3rd Saturday of every month)

Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter Concerts - events by which we raise money for the less fortunate children in our community

Altar Servers - an opportunity for boys and men of all ages to serve our Lord at the altar

Altar Guild - an opportunity to serve our Lord by caring for the various instruments used during the celebration of Holy Mass

Women's Guild - Every Saturday 10:00am


Sunday School for all ages - begins at 9:15am every Sunday

Catechesis - Every Sunday at 9:00 am


Hospitality/Coffee Hour - following each Sunday celebration of the Mass

Need Assistance?

Upon request, food pantry is available to those in need.

*For more information concerning the above or to get involved
please call the rector at


"Every creature, whether it will or not, is subject to the one God and Lord; but a warning is given to us, to serve the Lord with our whole will, because the just man serves Him willingly, but the unjust serves Him as a slave."

-Saint Augustine

"This is man's glory, to persevere and abide in the service of God."

-Saint Irenaeus